Monday, December 20, 2010

German Ethnic

     One of my ethnic backrounds is German, I am also Czeck, Indian, and possibly Russian. The capitol of Germany is Berlin. The estimated population is 82,424,609. Its religions are :Protestant 34%, Roman Catholic 34%, Muslim 3.7%, unaffiliated or other 28.3%. The official language of Germany is German, with over 95% of the population speaking German as their first language. Minority languages include Sorbian, spoken by 0.09% in the east of Germany; North and West Frisian, spoken around the Rhine estuary by around 10,000 people, or 0.01%, who also speak German. They are a very civilized society and have lots of manners. I am 25% German so I am proud of my ethnic group.

Cat and Mouse

Miss W
     One day a newborn mouse was walking along when it spotted a cat. It had never seen the cat before and, being a friendly mouse, he decided to go and say hi. As mouse approached cat, cat started to crouch down and moke itself seem smaller. Mouse excitedly ran up and, making himself look as big and proud as he could, came up and yelled, "Hi!" Now cat, never having seen anything like this before, decided to find out about this weird mouse. Cat cautiously came up and examined mouse for anything wrong with him. He looked ok but cat couldn't take chances. After all this mouse could be nucular bomb or some kind of rabid thing that was sent by the MMM (malicious mouse mechanics) and that was out to get him. Cat said hi to mouse and slowly approached. He couldn't see any blinking red lights. He decided that mouse was safe and relaxed a little. Mouse was shocked to see cat not be able to say anything. He went up to cat. Cat examined him slowly. Little did cat know that this mouse was indeed send by MMM and was on a mission to put all the cats in the world into a long deep sleep so that mice could overrun the world. Mouse and Cat talked for awhile and after some time became friends. Mouse said goodbye and as he was starting to leave asked cat for a hug otherwise he wouldn't be able to get to sleep. Cat gladly accepted and bent down to give mouse a hug. Mouse, seizing the opportunity, went up for a hug. But instead of huging cat he sank his serum filled teeth down into cat's neck. Cats eyes went wide open and relized he had been tricked. Slowly cat sank to the ground immobilized, eyes wide, gasping for breath, than everything went dark... Mouse walked away feeling good about his success. He had to go back to MMM to get his teeth refilled. One down, he and his unit only had about 199,999,999 cats left to go. This might take awhile Mouse though as he walked away chuckling to himself. Oh well... eventually. Not long now.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I found these pictures when I was looking for pictures for a blog post! :)

Summertime (no words)

code poet


code poet

code poet

code poet

code poet

Friday, December 10, 2010

Posting Pictures

We should use images because thay enhance that post. They make it stand out and the point that you are explaining is clearer. They make it look better and as always "a picture speaks a thousand words". To add images you can go to add a photo by uploading from your computer or you can link it to an image copywrite free site. Get to a website that lets you download or copy and that doesn't have copywrite. To get the attribution you should check if it is OK to  download from the site and if the author put a copwrite on it or not.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I think that waffles are great for breakfast they taste great and are so good in your mouth. More people should eat waffles. They are great and it is really fun to have them for breakfast.


I love cross country skiing. It is so fun to feel the wind in your hair and have the snow hitting your face and to go so fast. I think people should do it more because it is so fun. I think that it is a great form of recreation.


Basketball is really fun. It is awesome to run around on the court and pass and make hoops. More people should play because it is so fun. I think that it is one of the best sports ever and that people should play it more. If you don't think basketball is fun than you should be mad at yourself. It's that great.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Money Talk
     Some reasons for people not wanting to talk about money include some people are poorer than others and they don't want to discuss it. Another is they may be in tough times and it is too personal. Some people might just not want to talk about it and keep it personal, to not let others in on their personal info. Some people might be scared to admit how much money they have.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Election 2010

     The recount is going to tale place due to a 8,855 vote difference. The recount is going to include running the machines again and have thm recount. If that doesn't work than people will have to count them by hand. They than have to send them to a councel to pass the votes and make sure that it is fair. Republicans are calling a 400,000 error count in Hennepin County suspicous. They are going to recount to make sure that when the computers were erroring for about 45 minutes that nothing was going wrong with the counting of the votes. They say that if there is a winning margin of less than 10,500 votes than it will trigger an automatic recount in the system.     

Monday, November 1, 2010

My MN Quiz!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Emmer for Governer!

     The Winona Daily News put out this article about Tom Emmer. The ad is trying to get you to vote for Emmer. The ad uses persuasion and is informative. The ad uses claim to tell you about how Emmer will do good in office. I think the ad is good because he doesn’t tear down his opponents or do anything to be harmful to them in any way. I think I would vote for him because of the fact that he isn’t a negative person and I haven’t really seen any negative ads from him. It’s mostly the other candidates that are using negativity to tear down the opponents and build themselves up.  Try this link to get to the article I used Emmer Article

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Books? Banned?!

     I don’t think books should be banned because of just one person. If it were an entire country than maybe it could be banned from just there, but just because one person doesn’t like one part of the book doesn’t mean it should be banned. I think one person can freely express their feelings about the book and see if others agree. One person may not like a book but that doesn’t mean that everyone else around them also doesn’t think it’s appropriate. Once it is banned people might want to buy it even more because it’s banned. If the book is banned the author will have put all of that work into hardly anything. I think it’s pointless.