Friday, March 25, 2011


Some of the blogs I visited were Brittany’s blog which I thought was really good. The design is good and the layout is nice, also the picture at the top is awesome.  Under the second category I visited Squirrel blog. I liked the way it looked and how the layout was kind of fitting for the title of Marshall The Insane Squirrel. In the third category I found Abby’s blog is really interesting. She has a good design and the colors are all fitting and matching.  The main thing is the avatar which I though was really good. The fourth category was Footprint Or Dossier and I choose Heather’s blog. I didn’t really know what that meant so I think that the blog is good and that she has a really good layout and colors. The posts are good and the writing is interesting. The fifth category was Introducing the Class or School and I visited 2YCrodon and I thought that it was a good class blog and that they did a really good job of posting and pictures.

My Footprint

I have joined the sites of facebook, google, and others that are just out there. When I joined the sites I only gave them limited information that was needed. I didn't give out any personal information or things like that. Once in a while I will fill out another question besides the * questions. I will fill out things like my city or birthday but nothing else. After searching my name I found a ton of information about myself and my dad and grndpa (we all have the same first and last names) which was kind of scary. I found pictures, statistics and other things like that about our farm. I think the only things I leave behind are some bits of not so important information and even though that can affect me, it's not too much.

Monday, March 14, 2011


You should visit my blog because it is cool. Ok but really it is fun and it has interesting posts on it. It has a good layout and it looks great. I don't even need a picture for it. You can take a look for youself!

Before and After
     I just did a makeover of my blog. I took the backround and set it and that changed it to a different set. I think that I liked my other backround better but it's fine. I also choose to make the text more visible and changed it to Times New Roman.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Google Pac-Man

Google Doodle
     I think that the contest is going to be a good experience for everyone in our class. I hope that I can get some kind of recognition for my art and to be able to have a good experince entering my first international contest. I hope that at least one person from our class get some award. It's going to be awesome!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

  We went to and this is what I learned. I think that I learned alot about finances. The site was great for me to get a look at what writing a check is like. I also learned about things like balancing a budget and working with money. I think that I learned about interest and lots of other things to do with banks. It was fun.