Thursday, May 26, 2011

School Stress? What To Do? (Persuasive Post)

            One of the problems of kids all over the world that go to school is homework. This is one of the major problems that many kids have to deal with. Another issue that goes hand in hand with homework is recess time. Several kids have minutes only or maybe if they are lucky, a half an hour. I think that many kids struggle with these problems and they need to be changed. These things are both stress causing and can be detrimental to a child’s health physically and mentally.
            The first issue is homework. This is a commonly discussed topic and can be taken two ways. Should kids have homework if they can’t handle it? Some kids have problems at home, sports, or extra curricular activities. These things take time and if the child has to stay up late to do homework, then that is harming their physical health. If the child has problems at home they can be provoked or distracted and may have a hard time doing their homework. Also extra curricular activities can be time consuming and if a child has several activities that is hard for then to do the homework. All of these situations cause major stress in children and can harm their physical health. They get a feeling of hopelessness and don’t have the drive to do the homework with a big stack in front of them. This is hard for kids and can cause them to drop in grades. They can simply just give up because they don’t like the prospect of doing a ton of homework. This isn’t their fault when they can do nothing about the homework they are given. Also in some cases homework can just mean that the teacher is not an effective teacher. They give more homework because they can’t effectively teach the kids the lesson. If a teacher is giving a bunch of homework that probably means that they are not good at teaching and can’t teach well. If the teacher is doing a good job teaching the kids than wont need homework at all to learn the lesson better. They can simply learn everything they need in class.  To top it off it, do we really need kids to have an eight hour day of school and than go home to several more hours of homework? Statistics show that the majority of children do not benefit from extensive homework. The only reason they do it is because they have to and they do it out of habit while not actually learning.
            The second topic is recess. The topic of recess is not that well discussed but is a big factor on how well the child does in class. There is not much to say on this topic accept the fact that children benefit from having more playtime. Studies show that kids that have longer recesses do better in school and are more attentive and less distracted or distracted. A certain study said that the children, after a 15 minute recess were 5% more on task and 9% less fidgety. This proves that recess improves the learning and development of children. So the more recess kids get, the better they perform in school.
            In conclusion, to reduce stress and boost child development, schools should have curriculums with little or no homework and more recess. This will greatly improve many children and their lives as well as enhance their physical and mental abilities and help them get further in life.   

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